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The eVision Systems Video Shop is the official international online shop for all AIVION products and complementary equipment for video system integrators.


HD/4K block cameras and module cameras with market-leading features like optical zoom and VISCA command protocol. Ideal for many applications.

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Block Camera Interfaces

Digital video interfaces for block cameras with LVDS input. They support several progressive and interlace HDTV or SDTV formats.

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Converting 3G/HD-SDI and HDMI signals. Ideal if you have limited space, the commercial-grade is not enough and power consumption is critical.

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Sony Full HD 30x Colour Camera Block

The Sony FCB-EV7520A offers many features including VISCA command protocol, Advanced Noise Reduction, Auto ICR, Spherical Privacy Zone Masking and Wide Dynamic Range. These market leading features are ideal for many applications.

Sony FCB-EV7520A
Sony FCB-EV7520A