21 June 2018

AIVION announces next generation HDMI Interface Board with up to 1080p60 resolution and optimized form factor for the Tamron block camera MP1010M-VC and MP1110M-VC

The TL8652 supports HDMI 1.4 output and offers now a maximum resolution of 1080p with an image frequency of 60 Hz.

The TL8652 video interface board can be mounted directly to the side of the Tamron MP1010M-VC camera module and the interface board form factor is optimal adjusted to the dimensions of the camera.

The TL8652A board also has an onboard MEMS microphone with an audio output over HDMI

TL8652 HDMI Evaluation Kit with Tamron MP1010M-VC

TL8652 HDMI Evaluation Kit with Tamron MP1010M-VC

AIVION, leading provider of video interface solutions, today announced the next generation of the HDMI interfaces for the Tamron Ultra-Compact Camera Modules MP1010M-VC and MP1110M-VC. The Interface Board TL8652 can be mounted on the side of the camera. With a size of 61 mm to 42 mm, the board fits optimal to the size of the camera. This simple, cost-effective and reliable solution is not only suitable for security and surveillance applications but also advantageous for an extensive range of customizations.

The Tamron camera is connected via the LVDS video interface. The new HDMI 1.4 interface board TL8652 supports beside 1080p (50Hz, 30Hz, 25Hz), 720p (60Hz, 50Hz) and 1080i (60Hz, 50Hz) also 1080p60Hz.

The board has a Micro-USB connector for the power supply (5V DC). The Tamron block cameras can also be controlled with the AIVION Camera Control software via this USB port. Other control interfaces such as RS232 and TTL are also integrated.

The additional version TL8652A has an onboard MEMS microphone on the bottom side. Sound waves can pass to the microphone through a small PCB hole.

The camera evaluation kits TL8652-EVK-MP1010M-VC and TL8652-EVK-MP1110M-VC include a Tamron MP1010M-VC or the new Tamron MP1110M-VC camera depending on the kit. The kit contains all items to easily connect camera, interface & monitor and computer/ control unit. It contains the HDMI Board (TL8652), a USB cable (TL-EVK-USB2-A-MICROB), a High-Speed HDMI Cable with HDMI-A 19 and 1 HDMI Micro-D 19 pin male connector (TL-EVK-HDMI-MICRO-D) and a 30 pin KEL USL type micro coaxial cable for the LVDS connection.

Tamron Block Cameras

Tamron is a well-known optics manufacturer and leader in the security/surveillance equipment industry. In January 2016, the first block camera MP1010M-VC was announced. In June 2018, Tamron announced the market launch of the new camera MP1110M-VC. In addition to the well-known features like Optical Vibration-Compensation Mechanism, Compact and Light Weight Body, Full HD and High Optical Performance, the camera has additional features such as Motion Detection (Detection of Moving Objects), 16x Digital Zoom and Extensive Correction of Distortions.

“Tamron's Full HD camera modules are very compact imaging solutions with excellent optical performance and optical Vibration-Compensation. The camera modules open up new potential applications in various markets like industrial, medical, inspection, ROV and Security. Our new HDMI Interface Board TL8652 provide OEM’s in these market segments an optimal interface solution while speeding time to market when using our evaluation kit.” said Werner Schoeppner, Sales Director of AIVION.

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AIVION is cooperation and a registered trademark of Visual Communication Systems GmbH and eVision Systems GmbH.
Visual Communication has outstanding knowledge in the field of video & broadcast and an extensive engineering know-how in System, PCB, FPGA and DSP design, while eVision Systems brings a strong FPGA and methodology background and decades of sales and marketing expertise into the cooperation.
The mission of the cooperation is to develop and market advanced interfaces, cameras and video-based components mainly for OEM clients.
Today, Aivion offers the broadest range of interfaces for block cameras and has developed advanced products like the optical fibre, USB 3.0 interfaces and the USB3.0 “Plug and Play” camera. Dozens of customizations for different applications and markets round off the customer-driven approach. To assure the best quality all products are manufactured in Germany.

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TL8652 | HDMI Interface
TL8652 | HDMI Interface
The TL8652 HDMI Output Video Transceiver module from AIVION connect to the digital video interface of the block cameras and support several progressive and interlace HDTV formats. TL8652 outputs HDMI up to 1080p60. Features: HDMI 1.4 output RGB444 or YCbCr422 colour format selectable 1080p60 /50 /30 /25 Hz 1080i60 /50 Hz 720p60 /50 Hz Board Side Mount The TL8652 video interface board can be mounted directly to the side of the camera module and the interface board form factor is optimal adjusted to the dimensions of the Tamron cameras. Tamron MP1010M-VC Tamron MP1110M-VC Camera Control RS232 and TTL level serial control interface Integrated USB2 UART for camera control Temperature Range Operating ambient temperature range -5°C/+60°C Operating humidity range 20% to 80% Small form factor & Compliance Small form factor 61mm x41mm RoHS compliant (2002/05/EG and 2011/65/EU) UL/UR compliant Power USB powered 5V DC Download TL8652 V2.2.0 Datasheet TL8652 Block Diagram Power Input: 5V DC over USB2 micro connector (USB3 host port or powered USB3 hub required) Power consumption (MP1010M-VC + TL8652) 4.5W/900mA (cam motors inactive) Power consumption TL8652: 1.5W, 300mA @ 5V DC (typ.) Ambient temperature +25°C/77°F Humidity 30% Operating and Storage Conditions: Operating Conditions: Ambient temperature (min/max): -5°C/+60°C = 23°F/140°F Humidity: 20%-80% Storage Conditions: ATemperature (min/max): -20°C/+60°C = -4°F/140°F Humidity: 20%-80% TL8652 PCB Connectors J6 KEL USL00-30L-A Camera IF, use supplied 30wire micro coaxial cable only J3 HDMI micro connector J2 USB2 micro connector J1 Reset and RS232 Control IF JST SM10B-SRSS-TB Pin Signal 1 Do not connect 2 Do not connect 3 GND 4 GND 5 Reset / Shut Down, pull to GND to reset/shut down TL8652 and camera for reset, pull to GND for one second or longer 6 GND 7 Do not connect 8 Do not connect 9 RXD_232 (serial IF receive, RS232 level) 10 TXD_232 (serial IF transmit, RS232 level) J7 CVBS Output JST SM03B-SRSS-TB Pin Signal 1 GND 2 CVBS analog video output 3 GND (0V) CVBS analog video output is available with Tamron MP1110M-VC only. In this case the camera monitoring mode (register 72) must be set to NTSC or PAL video. Refer to Tamron MP1110M-VC technical manual for further details. In NTSC or PAL mode, there will be no HDMI output signal available from TL8652/A. TL8652 PCB Outline TL8652 | Production Kit Partnumber Content TL8652 HDMI Board TLCK-B 1. TLCK-FL10-150 10 pin flying leads cable for power and control(RS232/TTL), length 15cm 2. TLCK-K30-200 30 pin KEL USL type micro coaxial cable, connector on both sides, length 20cm, Type 1:n TL8652-EXT | Evaluation Extension Partnumber Content TL-EVK-USB2-A-MICROB USB 2.0 Cable with a USB 2.0-A male and a USB 2.0 micro-B male connector Driver Installer Package and Cypress USB-Serial Driver Installation Guide for the USB2 UART Chip are online available. TL-EVK-HDMI-MICRO-D High Speed HDMI Cable 1 with HDMI-A 19 and 1 HDMI Micro-D 19 pin male connector 
Product number: TL8652

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Tamron MP1010M-VC
Tamron MP1010M-VC
Features Tamron MP1010M-VC Block Camera1/3-type CMOS (Progressive Scan)10x optical zoom f=3.3 to 33.0 mm F1.8 to 3.41/2.8 type Exmor CMOSWide-Dynamic RangeVC (Vibration Compensation)Noise reduction (3D + 2D)Slow shutterPrivacy zone maskingVISCA protocolVideo Output: Digital: Y/Pb/Pr 4:2:2 (LVDS)
Product number: MP1010M-VC

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