January 8. 2024

eVision Systems and i2S signed a partnership agreement

i2S, headquartered in Bordeaux, France, specialized in image capture and processing solutions, signed a Partnership agreement with eVision Systems GmbH, a German company renowned for their development and sales of Video Interfaces under the AIVION brand.

This strategic alliance is set to leverage the unique strengths of both organizations, combining i2S's cutting-edge image processing capabilities with eVision Systems GmbH's long-standing experience in the video business. This partnership is poised to develop innovative solutions, enhancing the service range and quality offered to clients across diverse industries such as automotive, healthcare, industrial vision, UAV, robotics, and surveillance.

Xavier Datin, CEO of i2S, highlighted the strategic importance of this collaboration: “The partnership will help us grow our Service Business in Central Europe since eVision Systems has been working for a long term in the video business. Their team has an excellent understanding of customer needs and the technology that we can bring to meet those needs with a complete solution, design and manufacturing, across the whole life cycle of the product.”

Michael Geissel, Director of Video Business at eVision Systems, shared his enthusiasm about the partnership: “This partnership will allow us to support our customers with a wider range of technology to ensure that they can find the best possible solution for their video integration projects. I am very pleased to cooperate with I2S as we will be able to expand our offering of video interfaces and to provide a wider portfolio of services from specification to a final product to our video customers,”

eVision Systems will continue to offer its own technology under the AIVION branding but also sell services and technology from I2S, including products offered under the Twiga brand name.

About i2S

i2S is a prominent French specialist in vision solutions, renowned for its cutting-edge imaging technologies. With a strong focus on innovation, i2S delivers high-performance purpose made products for diverse industries, including submarine applications, document digitization and industrial inspection. The company's expertise lies in providing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of clients, reflecting its commitment to customer satisfaction. i2S continues to lead the field of vision technology with its state-of-the-art know-how in design and manufacturing of purpose made products, contributing to advancements in revealing image power across global markets. Further information is available on the Internet at https://i2s.fr/en/homepage/

About eVision Systems GmbH

Since the foundation of eVision Systems GmbH in 2002, we have set the goal of supporting ASIC and FPGA designers with innovative and modern design methodologies. Today, we offer a comprehensive range of software, simulation, test & measurement tools for design automation, whose application segments range from the creation of system specifications to hardware & software development, to prototyping and commissioning. Excellent customer service is a top priority for eVision Systems. This also represents the company motto, “Your Success is our Mission”, which serves as a guiding principle for our partners and us. In every phase of the use of our tools and your project, we are happy to support you with our specialist knowledge and decades of expertise. We make our “know-how” available in training courses and other services to round off our support. 


AIVION, a distinguished brand of eVision Systems GmbH, has been at the forefront of developing leading-edge camera solutions since its inception. With a focus on empowering customers across various domains, AIVION integrates its advanced camera technology to enhance the value of client products. Presently, AIVION offers an extensive range of interfaces, cameras, converters, software, and complete development kits tailored for diverse applications, including automotive, broadcast, defense and aerospace, inspection, medical, ROV, surveillance, and video conferencing. Recognized for its comprehensive selection, including Sony and Tamron block cameras, AIVION is committed to delivering solutions that excel in both quality and value. Explore our innovative products and find the perfect fit for your application needs. Discover more about AIVION's cutting-edge camera solutions at http://www.aivion.com.

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