Debugging Video System Integration

eVision Systems has over 20 years of experience in the market of FPGA design, Video design, and measurement technology. Bundling this expertise to help our video customers do a successful integration of cameras, interfaces, and video transmission technology is our mission. For that reason, we offer more than just cameras and interfaces.

Helping you with the right measurement equipment to analyze control protocols, providing software to operate and set up your camera system, and certifying HDMI and USB cables on your demand, are just some examples of our additional services. 

In most block camera systems, the configuration of the camera block is done through a serial interface. This might be connected to a separate computing unit or through a dedicated hardware controller. We found that very often a missing video output results in an incompatible setup of the camera system that does not match the target recorder or monitor.


To guarantee that the right configuration commands are passed from your configuration device to the camera system we suggest verifying that there is no distortion of the command sequences between camera systems and configuration devices happens. 

With our evaluation extension boards it is easy to get access to those signals. In the application note “SERIAL-Port-Validation” we are explaining how to set up the ACUTE protocol analyzer to check the serial communication between a PC and the camera system. 

Webshop Products Overview

In addition, our webshop offers Power Supplies, Oscilloscopes, and USB Protocol Analyzers to support your integration work.