Munich, June 10. 2024

eVision Systems announces a new AIVION Camera Control Software for Block Cameras

eVision Systems GmbH, the leading provider of video interface solutions, announced the AIVION Camera Control Software for Block Cameras. It is a VISCA® compliant software for controlling block cameras. VISCA® is a control protocol designed and trademarked by Sony for professional camera systems.

With the AIVION Camera Control Software, users can conveniently manage the settings and functions of their HD and 4K block cameras through an intuitive user interface. It is ideal for a fast setup of your block camera in your system. If customers need specific functions for their control application, eVision Systems offers customized versions. It supports various camera functions, including zoom, focus, freeze, and picture control. The software supports all interfaces like HDMI, SDI, and USB. It is compatible with various Windows operating systems. In summary, AIVION Camera Control software provides a powerful and user-friendly solution for controlling Sony, Tamron, and AIVION block cameras. It is an excellent choice for anyone who needs fast control over their block cameras.

The software supports the following Sony block camera models: FCB-EV7520, FCB-EV7520A, FCB-EV9500L, FCB-EV9520L, FCB-EW9500H, FCB-ER8300, FCB-ER8530, FCB-ER8550, and FCB-ES8230. It also supports the Tamron block camera models: MP1010M-VC, MP1110M-VC, and MP3010M-EV. The software also supports our AIVION block cameras. AIVION offers a range of full-color optical zoom block cameras that can be used in various applications.

AIVION Stream Window Software for an instant Video Stream

The new AIVION Stream Window software is an application exclusively compatible with USB modules to display camera images instantly. This software solution is ideal for users who require immediate visual monitoring of their camera feeds. Stream Window provides a seamless and lag-free display of the camera image immediately after connection or after the camera is powered up, enabling efficient real-time monitoring.

The Camera menu lets users quickly stop and restart the camera, particularly useful in dynamic surveillance situations. The menu item "Devices" will enable users to switch between the connected cameras rapidly, simplifying the management of multiple camera feeds and providing a better overview of different devices. An additional feature of Stream Window is the ability to create screenshots of the video image, ideal for documentation or when specific photos from the running feed are required for later analysis or reporting.

About eVision Systems GmbH

Since the foundation of eVision Systems GmbH in 2002, we have set the goal of supporting ASIC and FPGA designers with innovative and modern design methodologies. Today, we offer a comprehensive range of software, simulation, test & measurement tools for design automation, whose application segments range from the creation of system specifications to hardware & software development, to prototyping and commissioning. Excellent customer service is a top priority for eVision Systems. This also represents the company motto, “Your Success is our Mission”, which serves as a guiding principle for our partners and us. In every phase of the use of our tools and your project, we are happy to support you with our specialist knowledge and decades of expertise. We make our “know-how” available in training courses and other services to round off our support. 


AIVION, a distinguished brand of eVision Systems GmbH, has been at the forefront of developing leading-edge camera solutions since its inception. With a focus on empowering customers across various domains, AIVION integrates its advanced camera technology to enhance the value of client products. Presently, AIVION offers an extensive range of interfaces, cameras, converters, software, and complete development kits tailored for diverse applications, including automotive, broadcast, defense and aerospace, inspection, medical, ROV, surveillance, and video conferencing. Recognized for its comprehensive selection, including Sony and Tamron block cameras, AIVION is committed to delivering solutions that excel in both quality and value. Explore our innovative products and find the perfect fit for your application needs. Discover more about AIVION's cutting-edge camera solutions at

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AIVION Camera Control Software
AIVION Camera Control Software
Powerful and user-friendly VISCA software for Block-Cameras, Easy one-click VISCA COM port configuration,Windows SupportCamera Control Software Release 2024-01
Product number: AIVION-Cam-Control

AIVION Stream Window Software
AIVION Stream Window Software
Instant display of the camera feed for USB interfacesStart and stop of the camera feedSwitch between connected cameras Windows Support
Product number: AIVION-Stream