Connect & Integrate electronic Vision Systems

Why should your company work with eVision Systems?

  • Our company has focused for over 20 years on microelectronics and FPGA applications to help our customers that their product visions become real.
  • Our video solutions are based on FPGA technology, allowing us to implement customer-specific needs without reinventing the wheel.

But it’s not just us. We are working together with strong partners who deliver camera blocks, hardware solutions, and measurement technology to ensure that we can support you during the system integration process with technology, software, and knowledge to finalize your video products.

With our own AIVION brand, we offer LVDS-based video interfaces and several video conversion solutions. In addition to our own video products, our Partnership with I2S gives us access to IP interfaces, wireless video transmission solutions, USB3 interfaces, and full product development services.

Block Camera Interfaces 

For a wide range of block cameras, we offer interfaces for several video standards. SDI standards, HDMI, USB3, analog standards, IP interfaces, or even backward-compatible CVBS interfaces are used by our customers to combine the flexibility of universal camera blocks with specific needs for a certain video standard. 
For all interfaces, we offer specific evaluation solutions to ensure that our customers can test their systems immediately after unboxing their shipment. 
Our technical support team assists you in figuring out what solutions fit your requirements. Please feel free to explain your needs—as long as we understand your challenges better, we can help you!

Compact Video Converters

Our converters are often used by non-video applications, but in situations where a display is located far away from a computing unit. To bridge 20, 50, or more meters, the typical graphical cables like HDMI or Display Port might not be able to support your length requirements. With very small form factor converters, we allow you to use SDI technology to connect your computing units with your displays. Industrial temperature ranges and board-to-board solutions are available to integrate our boards into your products.

Video Converter

AIVION Converters

Camera Control Software

The strength of block cameras is usually the integrated zoom lens and the flexibility of those systems. Through serial control ports, it is possible to control the camera settings and configure the right video resolution. 

Our complementary control software makes it easy to control the most important camera settings without switching software if you want to test different camera models. We currently support the current models of Sony, Tamron, and other camera blocks. On request, we can provide specific software versions for your needs. For USB video interfaces, we also provide a free viewer and the possibility of exporting snapshots from the viewer.

Product bundles and video transmission solutions

With our bundle offers and our transmission solutions, we provide complete packages to solve your video challenge. Video transmission over fiber inclusive camera control HDMI end-to-end transmission over SDI technology are just two examples. Together with our partner I2S we also offer wireless video transmission. Customers that need to be compatible with existing analogue infrastructure can use our CVBS, AHD, HD-TVI or YPbPr packages to integrate camera blocks that are currently available on the market with their existing infrastructure.

AIVION GoTo Market Management

GoTo Market Management

Companies usually need a ramp-up strategy to get their products into the market. We offer our customers the opportunity to plan their short-, middle-, and long-term needs and support them with customer-specific flexible order management to provide them with the needed quantities at the right time.

Troubleshooting and technical consulting services

During the design-in phase of our products, we support our customers with hints, technical support, and special debugging services to find the root cause of a problem if the video path does not work in their system. 

Our measurement division and technical support team are available to help you by phone, chat, web meeting, or email. We also offer services, like customer-specific firmware versions, for real-time system analyses in your video system.


Troubleshooting and technical consulting services