TL7051 | Dual HD-SDI Interface

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Product number: TL7051-PK

The TL7051 Dual 3G/HD-SDI Output Video Transceiver module from AIVION connects to the digital video interface (LVDS) of the block camera and supports several progressive and interlace HDTV formats. As no analog to digital conversion is done on these modules, excellent output image quality is achieved.


Dual 3G-SDI/HD-SDI Output

3G-SDI output compliant to SMPTE 424M level A
HD-SDI output compliant to SMPTE 292M

  • 1080p60 /59.94 /50 /30 /29.97 /25 Hz
  • 1080i60 /59.94 /50 Hz
  • 720p60 /59.94 /50 /30 /29.97 /25Hz

Video input

  • Full automatic video input standard detection
  • Digital 4Ch./8Ch. LVDS video input from camera
  • Analog HDTV YPbPr and CVBS Output

    • HDTV YPbPr video output signals
    • Analog SDTV CVBS video output signals

    Camera Control

    • RS232 and TTL level serial control interface
    • Robust RS485 differential serial control interface

    Temperature Range and Power

    • Temperature monitoring with alert function
    • Operating ambient temperature range -5°C/+60°C = 23°F/140°F
    • Operating humidity range 20% to 80%
    • Supply voltage 12V DC regulated


    • RoHS compliant (2002/05/EG and 2011/65/EU)
    • UL/UR compliant

    TL7051 Block Diagram

    AIVION TL7051

    Power Input:

    7V to 12V DC regulated (13V DC absolute maximum) for other camera blocks

    Operating Conditions:

    Ambient temperature (min/max) -5°C/+60°C = 23°F/140°F Humidity: 20% - 80%

    TL7051 PCB Connectors

    AIVION TL7051

    J9, J10 75 ohms MCX coaxial jack 3G/HD-SDI output

    J3 Camera Interface

    KEL USL00-30L-A

    30wire microcoax connector for camera IF. Use 30wire micro coaxial cable supplied with cable kit.

    J1 Power and Control


    Pin Signal
    1 DC Supply voltage input
    2 DC Supply voltage input
    3 GND (0V)
    4 GND (0V)
    5 Reset / Shut Down, pull to GND to reset/shut down TL7051 and camera. For reset, pull to GND for one second or longer
    6 GND (0V)
    7 TXD_TTL (serial IF transmit, 3.3V) and/or temperature alert output
    8 RXD_TTL (serial IF receive, 3.3V)
    9 RXD_232 (serial IF receive, RS232 level)
    10 TXD_232 (serial IF transmit, RS232 level)

    J2 RS485 Control IF


    Pin Signal
    1 TXD_P (to controller)
    2 TXD_N (to controller)
    3 RXD_N (from controller)
    4 RXD_P (from controller)
    5 GND
    6 3.45V typ. (max. current 50mA)

    J5 Analog component YPbPr and CVBS output

    Requires TL7051 extended cable kit

    Pin Signal
    1 Pr
    2 GND
    3 Pb
    4 GND
    5 Y
    6 GND
    6 CVBS
    6 GND

    TL7051 PCB Outline

    AIVION TL7051

    Temperature Alert Function

    When board temperature exceeds 80°C (176°F), red LED will be switched on.
    In addition such an event can be signalled on connector J1/pin7 by setting switch 3 (temp alert enable) to ON position. - In case board temperature is equal to or over 80°C (176°F), level on J1/pin7 will be held constant low ( < 0.4V)
    - In case board temperature is less than 80°C (176°F), level on J1/pin7 will be high (> 2.4V)

    Test Pattern Generator

    TL7051 has an integrated test pattern generator (TPG) which can be operated independent of any camera. The TPG can be enabled by setting onboard switch number 4 to ON position and repowering the TL7051 board. In addition one out of two test pattern and one out of four video standards can be selected by setting onboard switches 1, 2 and 3 accordingly. The following tables summarize all details.
    To enable TPG mode, please execute these steps:
    1. Set video mode with switches 2 and 3
    2. Set pattern with switch 1
    3. Set switch 4 to ON to enable TPG mode
    4. Switch TL7051 power off and on again
    Note: TPG operation can be enabled with or without any camera connected to TL7051

    Analog Video Output

    TL7051 provides analog HDTV YPbPr and analog SDTV CVBS video output signals. These signals are directly taken from the camera. In some camera modes no or only limited analog video output might be available. Please refer to the related camera documentation.

    Reset Operation

    When applying power to TL7051, the camera is also automatically powered. During power up all functions on TL7051, are reset and initialized. During operation a manual reset can be applied by pulling pin no. 5 of connector J1 to 0V (GND). This resets also the camera.

    Camera Control

    Camera control can be done by connecting a PC or CCU via RS485, RS232 or serial 3.3V TTL interface to TL7051. The interface is passed through to the camera that all VISCA protocol based software can be used. Serial interface selection must be done be appropriate setting of switch-2.

    TL7051 | Production Kit

    Partnumber Content
    TL7051 3G-SDI/HD-SDI Board
    TLCK-B 1. TLCK-FL10-150
    10 pin flying leads cable for power and control(RS232/TTL), length 15cm
    2. TLCK-K30-200
    30 pin KEL USL type micro coaxial cable, connector on both sides, length 20cm

    TL7051-EXT | Evaluation Extension

    Partnumber Content
    EK-PA1100 Power supply and control interface board
    PS-TE10A12 12 V AC to DC external power supply with interchangeable blade kit for USA, Europe, United Kingdom and Australian.
    TL-EVK-USB2-A-MICROB USB 2.0 Cable with a USB 2.0-A male and a USB 2.0 micro-B male connector
    PTL-EVK-BRA Bracket and screws
    CK-MCX-BNC MCX to BNC connector cable
    TL7051 | Dual HD-SDI Interface
    Control: LVTTL, RS232, RS485
    Kit: TL7051 Production Kit & Evaluation Extension
    Mount Option: Behind camera
    Block Cameras: AIVION AZM-FS10L | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 12x Digital Zoom, AIVION AZM-FS30L | Full-HD | 30x Optical zoom | 12x Digital zoom, AIVION AZM-FS36L | Full-HD | 36x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Sony FCB EV-7520A | Full-HD | 30x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Tamron MP1010M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 0x Digital Zoom, Tamron MP1110M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 16x Digital Zoom
    Interface Resolution: FHD 1080p (1920 × 1080 progressive scan), FHD 1080i (1920 × 1080 split into two interlaced fields of 540 lines), HD 720p (1280 × 720 progressive scan)
    Features: Dual SDI out
    Interface: Serial Digital Interface
    Input: LVDS

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    Optional Products

    TLCK-B | Base Cable Kit
    Base Cable KitParts:TLCK-FL10-150 | 10 pin flying leads cable for power and control(RS232/TTL), length 15cmTLCK-K30-200   | 30 pin KEL USL type micro coaxial cable, the connector on both sides, length 20cm

    Price on request

    EK-PA1100 | Power supply and control interface board
    Power supply and control interface board

    Price on request

    PS-TE10A12 | 12 V AC to DC external power supply
    12 V AC to DC external power supply

    Price on request

    TL-EVK-USB2-A-MICROB |  USB 2.0 Cable A- male and micor-B male
    USB 2.0 Cable with a USB 2.0-A male and a USB 2.0 micro-B male connector | 1,5m

    Price on request

    TL-EVK-BRA | Camera bracket
    Camera bracket

    Price on request

    CK-MCX-BNC | MCX to BNC connector cable
    MCX to BNC connector cable75 Ohm Optimized RG 179 Cable:Length 10cmBNC:75 Ohm Bulkhead Jack (10 μ" (0.25 μm) Gold on Center Contact, Nickel on Shell)MCX:75 Ohm MCX Right-angle Plug (30 μ" (0.76 μm) Gold on Center Contact, Gold Flash on Shell)

    Price on request