Modular Imaging & Video Solutions

AIVION is a brand of eVision Systems GmbH Our goal from the beginning was to develop leading camera solutions. Customers who have their core competency in other areas can incorporate our camera technology to add value to their products.

Today, Aivion offers the widest range of interfaces, cameras, converters, software and complete development kits and solutions for all kinds of applications such as automotive, broadcast, defense and aerospace, inspection, medical, ROV, surveillance and video conferencing.

If you are looking for Sony or Tamron block cameras, we have the best choice for your application, or check our own brand of block camera. The best price/performance ratio is one of the mandatory arguments.

Of course, we know that customization is required in some cases. Talk with us if you have a special need and we can discuss solutions. Talk to us if you have a particular need, and we can discuss solutions.

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