SL4651 | Analog HD-TVI

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Product number: SL4651-PK
Product information "SL4651 | Analog HD-TVI"

The SL4651 interface from AIVION is a small form factor HD-TVI analog HD video transmitter. Camera LVDS video input signals are demultiplexed, processed, encoded and output over a MCX coaxial connector.


  • High Definition analog HD-TVI output
  • Seamless connection to zoom camera blocks with industry standard LVDS interface
  • MCX 75 Ohm right angle coaxial connectors
  • RS232 and TTL level serial camera control interface
  • RS485 camera control interface (optional)
  • Supply voltage 9V to12V DC regulated
  • RoHS and UL/UR compliant
  • Direct mountable on Tamron MP1x10M-VC cameras
Partnumber Content
TL4651 HD-TVI Board
TLCK-B 1. TLCK-FL10-150
10 pin flying leads cable for power and control(RS232/TTL), length 15cm
2. TLCK-K30-200
30 pin KEL USL type micro coaxial cable, connector on both sides, length 20cm
Partnumber Content
EK-PA1100 Power supply and control interface board
PS-TE10A12 12 V AC to DC external power supply with interchangeable blade kit for USA, Europe, United Kingdom and Australian.
CK-MCX-BNC MCX to BNC connector cable
Control: LVTTL, RS232, RS485
Input: LVDS
Interface: Analog CVBS, Analog HD-TVI
Mount Option: Side/Top mount
Block Cameras: AIVION AZM-FS10L | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 12x Digital Zoom, AIVION AZM-FS30L | Full-HD | 30x Optical zoom | 12x Digital zoom, AIVION AZM-FS36L | Full-HD | 36x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, AZM-WQHS36L-LL |WQ-HD | 36x Optical Zoom | 32x Digital Zoom, Sony FCB EV-7520A | Full-HD | 30x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Tamron MP1010M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 0x Digital Zoom, Tamron MP1110M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 16x Digital Zoom, Tamron MP2030 | Full-HD | 30x Optical Zoom | 16x Digital Zoom
Interface Resolution: FHD 1080p (1920 × 1080 progressive scan), HD 720p (1280 × 720 progressive scan)
Features: CVBS pass out

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