TL7071 | optical fiber (Receiver)

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Product number: TL7071
Manufacturer: AIVION
+ Optical 3G/HD-SDI input based on SFP compatible receiver
+ Optical SFP receiver 1260nm-1620nm/10km/LC for SMF included
+ Input compliant to SMPTE297M-2006 serial optical 3G/HD video standards + Automatic video standard detection
+ Input signal jitter removal
+ Format conversion for DVI(HDMI) RGB output
+ Reclocked 3G/HD-SDI BNC + MCX coax outputs
+ 3G/HD-SDI outputs compliant to SMPTE425M/424M/292M/274M/296M
+ SMPTE425M level A, mapping structure 1
+ Selectable serial control interface (RS232 or 3.3V TTL)
+ Supply voltage: 5V to 12V DC regulated
TL7071 | optical fiber (Receiver)
Control: LVTTL, RS232
Block Cameras: AIVION AZM-FS10L | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 12x Digital Zoom, AIVION AZM-FS30L | Full-HD | 30x Optical zoom | 12x Digital zoom, AIVION AZM-FS36L | Full-HD | 36x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Sony FCB EV-7520A | Full-HD | 30x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Tamron MP1110M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 16x Digital Zoom
Interface Resolution: FHD 1080p (1920 × 1080 progressive scan), FHD 1080i (1920 × 1080 split into two interlaced fields of 540 lines), HD 720p (1280 × 720 progressive scan)
Features: CVBS pass out, Coax SDI out, HDMI out
Interface: optical
Input: LVDS
Manufacturer "AIVION"
AIVION is a cooperation and a registered trademark of Visual Communication Systems GmbH and eVision Systems GmbH.

Visual Communication has outstanding knowledge in the field of video & broadcast and extensive engineering know-how in System, PCB, FPGA, and DSP design, while eVision Systems brings a strong FPGA and methodology background and decades of sales and marketing expertise into the cooperation.
The mission of the cooperation is to develop and market advanced interfaces, cameras, and video-based components mainly for OEM clients.
Today, Aivion offers the broadest range of interfaces for block cameras and has developed advanced products like the optical fiber, USB 3.0 interfaces and the USB3.0 “Plug and Play” camera. Dozens of customizations for different applications and markets round off the customer driven approach.
To assure best quality all products are manufactured in Germany.
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