TL7070 | optical fiber (Transmitter)

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Product number: TL7070
+ Digital LVDS video input from camera
+ 1080i, 1080p and 720p output standard support
+ 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz, 50Hz, 59.94Hz and 60Hz frame rates
+ Automatic camera and video standard detection
+ Optical 3G/HD-SDI output based on SFP compatible transmitter
+ Optical transmitter 1310nm/10km/LC for SMF included
+ BNC + MCX coax 3G/HD-SDI outputs
+ HD-SDI outputs compliant to SMPTE425M/424M/292M/274M/296M
+ DVI (HDMI connector) video output
+ Native digital signal processing chain for best image quality (no scaling)
+ Breakout of camera analog HDTV YPbPr and CVBS video
+ Dual serial control interface (RS232 or 3.3V TTL)
+ Supply voltage: 7V to 12V DC regulated (5V only when used with FCB-SE600)
TL7070 | optical fiber (Transmitter)
Control: LVTTL, RS232
Block Cameras: AIVION AZM-FS10L | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 12x Digital Zoom, AIVION AZM-FS30L | Full-HD | 30x Optical zoom | 12x Digital zoom, AIVION AZM-FS36L | Full-HD | 36x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Sony FCB EV-7520A | Full-HD | 30x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Tamron MP1110M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 16x Digital Zoom
Interface Resolution: FHD 1080p (1920 × 1080 progressive scan), FHD 1080i (1920 × 1080 split into two interlaced fields of 540 lines), HD 720p (1280 × 720 progressive scan)
Features: CVBS pass out, Coax SDI out, HDMI out
Interface: optical
Input: LVDS

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