TL6636 | USB 3.0, Vertical Micro B Connector (Trigger)

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Block Cameras
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Product number: TL6636-EVK

The TL6636 USB 3.0 interface board with trigger functionality from AIVION is tiny and easy to use HDTV USB3.0 video capture interface for the block cameras. The module receives digital video signals and sends UVC (USB Videl Class) compliant data packets to a connected host computer. Our compact TL6636 module enables the design of small camera systems that need only a single connection between the camera and PC. Video stream, control data and power will be connected by a USB 3.0 cable. For camera blocks that need more than 900 mA during startup, a Y-cable is required.


USB 3.0 Video Output

  • Up to 1080p30 uncompressed HDTV video data, 4:2:2 YUV format
  • 1920x1080p @ 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30 Hz
  • 1280x720p @ 50Hz, 59.94Hz, 60Hz, 25Hz, 29.97Hz, 30Hz
  • The module receives digital video signals at the input and sends UVC (USB Video Class) compliant data packets containing digital video payload to a connected host computer


  • Real-time external trigger input for MP2030M-GS global shutter camera block
  • Single LVDS data format provided by Tamron camera blocks


  • Operates always as Super Speed USB3.0 device (Host or OTG operation modes are not supported)
  • Host computer must run a UVC capable operating system
  • Parallel up- and downstream of camera control and status data is possible (USB CDC)


  • Full USB bus powered camera solution possible depending on camera
  • Power supply voltage for camera is generated onboard
  • Allows an external power supply


  • RoHS compliant (2002/05/EG and 2011/65/EU)
  • UL/UR compliant

Temperature Range

  • Ambient temperature (min/max): -5°C/+60°C = 23°F/140°F
  • Operating humidity range 20% to 80%

TL6636 Block Diagram


Power Input:

5V DC from USB3 port


Power consumption (MP2030M-GS + TL6636) 7.65W (cam motors inactive)

Power consumption (MP2030M-GS + TL6636) 9.3W (boot cyle and cam motors active)

Power consumption TL6636: 2.7W/540mA@5V DC (max.)

Power consumption value conditions:
Camera monitoring mode set to 1080p30 Ambient temperature +25°C/77°F Humidity 30%

Operating and Storage Conditions:

Operating Conditions: Ambient temperature (min/max): -5°C/+60°C = 23°F/140°F - Humidity: 20%-80%

Storage Conditions: Temperature (min/max): -20°C/+60°C = -4°F/ 140°F - Humidity: 20%-80%

TL6636 PCB Connectors


J6 USB3 microB connector


J2 LVDS Video In

30wire microcoax connector for 4K Block Cameras. Use 30wire micro coaxial cable supplied with cable kit.

J7 External Power Supply

Pin Signal
1 Input voltage 5V to 7V DC
2 Input voltage 5V to 7V DC
3 System reset, pull to GND for reset
4 GND (0V)
5 GND (0V)

J9 RS232 UART Connector

Pin Signal
1 External trigger pulse* input, 3.3V max. Active high trigger pulse duration must be 1us minimum. Trigger pulse input has a 10kohms pullup resistor
2 Trigger demo mode select input**, 3.3V max. Trigger mode select input has a 10kohms pulldown resistor
3 do not connect
4 Trigger response output
5 3.3V output (20mA max.)
6 do not connect
7 do not connect
9 RXD (host to camera)
10 TXD (camera to host)

TL6636 PCB Outline


Camera Power

Camera supply voltage is generated on TL6636 by a boost converter circuit. This circuit provides 9.55V DC (+/-3%) to the camera.


USB3.0 is specified for 4.5W maximum output power per USB3.0 port on a computer. However, many main boards used in desktop computer systems are able to provide more USB3.0 output power. In case of notebook and laptop computers, IPCs and SBCs, it has to be checked case by case if USB3.0 output power is sufficient or not. This is in the sole responsibility of the user of TL6636. In case the host computer provides a USB3.1 port, it is recommended to use this one instead of a USB3.0 port.


TL6636 allows to use an external power supply in case USB3 power of the computer is not sufficient. As described on page 3 of this document, external power can be input on J7. Using a voltage of 6V DC is recommended. In case an external power supply is used, this voltage is used on TL6636 for the camera supply boost converter only. All other electronic devices on TL6636 are always powered from USB3 port. No adjustments on TL6636 are required for using external power. When powering up such a configuration, external power must be supplied before or coincident with USB3 power.


  • MP2030M-GS: Recommended, should be used
  • MP1010M-VC: Not required but can be used
  • MP1110M-VC: Not required but can be used

Host (PC) - Device Communication

TL6636 operates always as USB device which sends UVC compliant video data to a host PC. The host also communicates with the TL6636 via a serial communication channel (USB UART).

Connecting the TL6636 to the Host PC

Operating System Support

TL6636 can be used with operating systems which fully support USB UVC type data and communication. Currently supported Microsoft Windows operating systems:

  • Windows 7 (32 and 64bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32 and 64bit)
  • Windows 10 (64bit, version 1511)

Driver Requirements

Full UVC compliant driver is required. Such drivers are supplied with Microsoft Windows 7 and 8 . Manual driver installation is not necessary. For the USB UART feature, the class driver is used. Aivion provides suitable driver assignment files. Win 10 does not require such a driver assignment file.

Video Application on Host PC

Video display and recording can be done with standard application programs like VLC player, Mplayer or similar. VLC and Mplayer are open source based applications and can be free downloaded. If users want to design their own applications software, they are free to do so. All software programming tasks are OS based and have to be built upon UVC drivers. For further information please refer to Microsoft Windows API information.

Controlling TL6636 from the Host PC via USB UART

TL6636 supports the USB UART functionality. FCB cameras connected to TL6636 can be controlled via a virtual COM port. Any host software which uses COM ports can be used. The USB UART channel is transparent for any protocol. Communication speed is 9600bit/ s or 38400bit/s maximum. Other COM port settings are (8N1).

Real-Time external Trigger Operation


Tamron’s MP2030M-GS global shutter block camera module allows for real- time triggered still image capture. Refer to MP2030M-GS technical manual provided by Tamron for details on real-time triggered still image capture operation. TL6636 USB3 full HD video streamer provides a trigger mode input for selecting one out of two available trigger modes.

Mode 1 (default, pin2/J9 0V or open): External direct trigger

Trigger pulse input on pin1/J9 is glitch filtered and driven to MP2030M-GS trigger input po

Mode 2 (pin2/J9 3.3V): Automatic periodic trigger (demo mode)

After selecting and activating trigger mode at MP2030M-GS by the related VISCA commands, the automatic trigger period is set to 1.5s. In this demo mode the camera takes an image every 1.5s (approx.).

TL6636 | Production Kit

Partnumber Content
TL6636 USB 3.0 Vertical (Trigger)
TLCK-B 1. TLCK-K30-200
30 pin KEL USL type micro coaxial cable, connector on both sides, length 20cm
2. TLCK-FL10-150
10 pin flying leads cable for power and control(RS232/TTL), length 15cm
3. TLCK-FL05-150
5 pin flying leads cable for external power, length 15cm

TL6636-EXT | Evaluation Extension

Partnumber Content
EK-PA1100-USB Power supply and control interface board
PS-TE10A05 5 V AC to DC external power supply with interchangeable blade kit for USA, Europe, United Kingdom and Australian.
TL-EVK-USB-SA USB to serial adapter
PTL-EVK-BRA Bracket and screws
TL-EVK-USB3-A-MICROB USB 3.0 Cable with a USB 3.0-A male and a USB 3.0 micro-B male connector
TL6636 | USB 3.0, Vertical Micro B Connector (Trigger)
Control: RS232, USB UART
Kit: TL6636 Production Kit & Evaluation Extension
Mount Option: Behind camera
Block Cameras: AIVION AZM-FS10L | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 12x Digital Zoom, AIVION AZM-FS30L | Full-HD | 30x Optical zoom | 12x Digital zoom, AIVION AZM-FS36L | Full-HD | 36x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Sony FCB EV-7520A | Full-HD | 30x optical Zoom | 12x digital Zoom, Tamron MP1010M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 0x Digital Zoom, Tamron MP1110M-VC | Full-HD | 10x Optical Zoom | 16x Digital Zoom, Tamron MP2030 | Full-HD | 30x Optical Zoom | 16x Digital Zoom
Interface Resolution: FHD 1080p (1920 × 1080 progressive scan), FHD 1080i (1920 × 1080 split into two interlaced fields of 540 lines), HD 720p (1280 × 720 progressive scan)
Features: Aut. Trigger w. MP2030M-GS, Ext. Trigger MP2030, GPIO, Upright USB Connector
Interface: USB
Input: LVDS

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